I am Monica Gabriela Motea, a Bucharest based architect and interior designer, with noteworthy practice in the Residential design, Retail design and Architecture.
I am also a certified Passive House Designer from Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, and a certified Project Manager for constructions.
In my previous role as a Project Leader, I assisted renowned brands like: Medicover, Carturesti, Nissan, La Fantana, Laropharm, Presto Pizza.
Every project is a source of excitement. I like working with people and as most of our customers are saying, I understand their needs very well. My personal goal is to anticipate and exceed customer expectations with personalized care in their property development journey.
I am Valentina Elena Stan, a Zürich based architect and designer, with significant experience in the field of Retail Design and Architecture.
I understand how important it is for a brand to expand its retail footprint and retrofit existing stores and I know how to ensure that brand design guidelines and execution standards are followed in a consistent manner across multiple markets.
I possess the right design knowledge and skill set to support your company in the development of your business across the globe.
In my previous role as Client Account Manager & Team Leader at MACH Architektur, I assisted renowned brands like: Breitling SA, Philip Morris & IQOS, IWC Schaffhausen, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank.